I hope you are the one.

- 3000

Tears, for the first time in a very long time.

I’ve been away. Too long. Dope sh’Coming soon.

Bruh, God is real.

Unfortunately, there’s no place for royalty here. No nobility in this dark place. Though I find you tucked quietly in this corner. A stranger from out of town. A woman from the southern end.

I discovered you adorned in casual wardrobe with no intention of clashing with arbitrary attendees in a sea of alcoholic haze.

Acdc shirt, slightly altered for style preference with combat boots and a Yankee fitted…neither of us impressed with surrounding atmosphere. The music of my favorite DJ would drowned out and fade into the background. It became a soundtrack to your voice..

- To Capture A Queen

I wanna make money everyday, and have sex every night…. with the same person!