Unfortunately, there’s no place for royalty here. No nobility in this dark place. Though I find you tucked quietly in this corner. A stranger from out of town. A woman from the southern end.

I discovered you adorned in casual wardrobe with no intention of clashing with arbitrary attendees in a sea of alcoholic haze.

Acdc shirt, slightly altered for style preference with combat boots and a Yankee fitted…neither of us impressed with surrounding atmosphere. The music of my favorite DJ would drowned out and fade into the background. It became a soundtrack to your voice..

- To Capture A Queen

I wanna make money everyday, and have sex every night…. with the same person!

Hope you can feel that vibe.

I am an imperfect creature, and an utter mess. But, somehow, God keeps waking me up to give it another shot.


1 John 4:18

Stop makin a big deal out of the little things, ‘cause I got big deals and I got little things…

- Mine [Beyonce + Drake]

You deserve to be with somebody who will drive three hours, just to see you for one.

- Guidelines For Finding Someone Worthwhile (via sassyfag)

Interesting measures

(via cashmerethoughtsss)

I currently feel like I’m in the fight of my life out here. But there are too many eyes on me, and prayers with me to fail.

- Badger

Too busy being hers to fall for somebody new…

- Anonymous

The night captures us in a ferocious bite.
A stand off tween two beasts wrestled in flight.

The deepest, dreaming eye’s that previous suitors maybe took for granted.
I now see a beacon of light you share so enchanted.

I will not shun the frumious or shun her diminutive ways, but I shall join in howling, the running and hunting prey.

Now, we are at grown up love in this wilderness with real heart’s invested.
I pray that with you my love is nested.

As I dream in color and you,in the clouds…
I only hope that this is a lover’s tale we can both live aloud.

- Speeches in Wonderland

I leave you an inheritance my love. Of compassion, adventure and spontaneous vibrancy. I create within you a bank of red hot currency to which you celebrate our fire.

You become the safe for our heart’s investments and eye’s desire.

Just know that I love you the most and though slothful to engage, I always regretted not leaving my cage. I wild beast you saw in me, and a king as well.

Our bond shall remain a classic fable…

- Speeches in Wonderland